Professor Richard Landes, a Professor of Medieval History at Boston
University, the co-founder and Director of BU's Center for Millennial Studies
and a fellow of the Open Society Institute Boston University, has accepted a
Fellowship position with the Galilee Institute as of February 28, 2007.

Prof. Landes is the author of the popular
Augean Stables blog and has
recently launched a new media analysis project,
The Second Draft, which
takes as its first case study the Mohammed al-Dura affair and the
phenomenon that Landes' research team calls 'Pallywood', or  'a practice
among Palestinian journalists to turn staged drama into news. This fictional
news industry then feeds Western news reporting, who don't seem to
suspect they're being duped.'

Professor Landes' specialty is popular behavior at the turn of millennial
dates. The subject of his first book was a monk-historian who lived in the
millennial generation of 1000-1022. Dr. Landes has been paying attention to
contemporary millennial manifestations for over 25 years and offers a unique
historical perspective for understanding current apocalyptic and millennial
phenomena in light of the past.

Dr. Landes received his Ph.D. from Princeton University, and attended
Harvard and the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. He has written articles
and editorials for The New Republic and The Boston Globe. His publications
include: Relics, Apocalypse and the Deceits of History, Ademar of
Chabannes (989-1023) (1995) and The Peace of God: Social Violence and
Religious Response in France Around the Year 1000 (1992).

Landes has been honored with numerous awards including a Mellon
Postdoctoral Fellowship and an Olin Foundation Fellowship. Landes is
currently working on several new publications, including: While God Tarried:
Disappointed Millennialism and the Genealogy of the West, The Apocalyptic
Year 1000: Studies in the Mutation of European Culture, and Surviving the
End of the World.

A proud progressive and lover of Israel, Professor Landes explains how
leftists, if they are to take their values seriously, must take stock of how much
the crisis in the Middle East is driven by ideologies in the Arab and Muslim
world that threaten the essence of liberalism. Landes emphasizes that
empathy, even sympathy, does not mean projecting our values and intentions
onto others; it means listening carefully to what they say; and it most certainly
does not mean accepting, or explaining away what we hear. The liberal who
cannot acknowledge and confront the virulent anti-Semitism that is rampant
in the Arab world today, says Landes, does neither the Arab world nor
Americans any good.

Professor Landes teaches at Boston University, where he is the director of
the Center for Millennial Studies and a member of the history department. His
work  focuses on the relationships between elites and commoners in various
cultures, and on the impact that messianic beliefs have on those
relationships, as well as on the interactions between various religious
communities. He has published, lectured and given interviews widely on both
medieval subjects and those concerning current trends in globalization,
liberalism, and the Middle East. Landes will help audiences understand the
impulses and psychology of the left and explain how they can be Israel’s -
and the Arabs - greatest allies rather than contributing to everyone's misery
with naïve good intentions.

Lecture Topics:

“I’m a Leftist and Pro-Israel: Progressive Politics and the Jewish State”
“Why Decent People Systematically Misread the Middle East Conflict”
“Psychological and Historical Dimensions of the Protocols of the Elders of
Zion and Anti-Semitism”
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