Galilee Institute Leadership Tour For Jewish Veteran Travelers
Day 1, Sunday             Jewish Leadership - The Desert

Arrival from Airport
Sde Boker – Ben Gurion’s Home and Gravesite
Overviews of the Negev Landscape (ancient Judea and today)
O/N Mitzpe Ramon

From the time of Abraham, through Moses and the Exodus and until today, Jewish leadership
and nation building is forged in the desert.  

Day 2, Monday             Creation

Early Morning Hike in Makhtesh (Crater) Ramon
Jeep Tour
Avdat Archeological Site – the ancient Nabateans
Visit With Soldiers at Southernmost Air Defense Army Base
Ein Avdat – Water and the Negev
O/N Mitzpe Ramon

Reading from Genesis we learn of the chaos before Creation and experience its outlines in
Makhtesh Ramon.  From here there is water, life and the challenge of a desert existence in
tandem with nature.

Day 3, Tuesday            The Negev – Zionism’s Future

Revivim – Pre-state and 1948 Battles
Central Negev Agricultural Experimental Station – High Tech Agro Parks
Ramat HaNegev Kibbutzim and Moshavim (Agricultural Pioneering Today)
Nir Am Museum – Water Issues
Yad Mordechai (Battle 1948 to halt Egyptians)
Netiv Ha’asara (Border with Gaza Today)
O/N Country Cabins

The dream of the Negev is seen as the future of the modern Jewish Nation.  Here is a survey
of the struggle from pre-state days, through 1948 and until today.  The fighting farmer
ensured the security of the Negev and its inclusion in the State of Israel.

Day 4, Wednesday        The Galilee – Ancient and Modern

Yodfat Archeological Dig
Hanita Museum – Tanach, Pioneering, Abraham, Crusaders, Muslims, Hizbullah
and Modern Defense all in one majestic Lebanese Border location
Akko Walking Tour – Crusaders, Turks, Islam and Prison (escape by Jewish
inmates – 1948)
O/N Country Cabins

2000 years ago Jewish Galilee was overrun by the Romans.  Always a gateway and a mosaic
of peoples, the rolling hills and valleys give way to the coastal region and port of Akko.

Day 5, Thursday             From the Tanach to Zionism

Mukhraka – Elijah the Prophet vs. Paganism
Drive through the Jezreel Valley to the Gilboa (Mt. Barkan)
Ancient Bet Shean Archeological Dig and National Park
Kibbutz Gesher (1948 Battle Against Invading Iraqi(!!) Army )
Naharayim (Early Electricity & Late Peace w/Jordan – 1994)
Drive through the Jordan Rift Valley to Jerusalem
O/N Jerusalem

The northern valleys and surrounding mountains are not only the background for high
Biblical drama but provide the territory for Israel’s struggle for independence in 1948 and
also its successful peace treaty with Jordan in 1994.

Day 6, Friday                   First Temple Jerusalem

Jerusalem & Beit Lechem Overlook from Har Gilo
City of David Archeological Dig
Hezekiah’s Water Tunnel (Walk through)
Sataf National Park (First Temple Agriculture)
Free Time on Ben Yehuda Street
Kabbalat Shabbat at Kotel
O/N Jerusalem

Defending Jerusalem and bringing her water - in ancient times and today.

Day 7, Shabbat                Shabbat in Jerusalem

Shabbat Services at Your Choice of Jerusalem's Synagogues
Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book
Afternoon Walking Tour in the Old City
Late afternoon and evening Free Time
O/N Jerusalem

Enjoy a Jerusalem Shabbat and optional walking tours both in and outside the Old City walls.

Day 8, Sunday                In Defense of A Nation

Gush Etzion
Kastel (1948 Siege of Jerusalem)
Latrun Memorial and Armor Museum
Seam Line Briefing from IDF Commander
Free Time in Tel Aviv
Depart for Airport
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