Galilee Institute Intro Tour 101J For Jewish First Timers
Day 1                Israel’s Coastline

Arrival from airport
Short walking tour of old port city of Jaffa and drive through Tel Aviv
Historic Museum or site in Tel Aviv area
Caesarea Archeological Dig and National Park
O/N North

Explore Israel’s coastline, great population and commercial center, from Roman times until today.  

Day 2                 The Galilee - The Jewish Heartland

Tzippori Archeological Dig and National Park
Walking tour of Tzfat – Kabbalistic City
Mt. Meron - Grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Talmudic Synagogue
O/N North

From the destruction of the Temple until the rise of the modern State of Israel, Judaism was embodied
in the Galilee.  The Mishna was codified in Tzippori and was the basis for Talmud, the great rabbinical
work which guided Jews for two millennia.  Later Tzfat would serve as the Kabbalistic center for the
Jewish People some 500 years ago and still does.

Day 3                The Galilee Panhandle and Golan

Metulla Overlook into South Lebanon
Walk through the Tel Dan sources of the Jordan River
Jeep Ride to Tel Faher Battle site (1967)
Valley of the Tears Battle site - Oz 77 (1973)
Visit with young men and women of an IDF battalion
Golan Audio-Visual Presentation
Golan Wineries
Travel to Jerusalem
O/N Jerusalem

A day of fun mixed with history. We will examine Israel’s security concerns today while taking advantage
of the Galilee's bountiful water adventure. We will walk through the Golan battle sites of the 60's and 70's
while getting a strategic view into both Syria and Lebanon and learn to understand Israel’s security
concerns while peering at Hizbullah across the northern border into south Lebanon.

Day 4                 Jerusalem – The Old City

Understanding Yitzchak Rabin’s Jerusalem Vision North & South – Har Gilo
Overview of the Old City/Security Barrier from Goldman Promenade
Mt. Zion, King David’s Tomb and The President’s Room
Jewish Quarter
Rachel Yanait Ben Tzvi Educational Center  
Burnt House & Herodian Quarter
Davidson Center and Ophel Archeological Excavation
Private Moments to Pray at Western Wall
Walk through the Cardo
Evening Free to Roam Jerusalem
O/N Jerusalem

The Second Temple period and the destruction in 70 CE are unearthed through modern archeological
investigation.  Experience the Jerusalem of 2000 years ago as well as the rebuilding of the Jewish
Quarter from 1967 to the present.

Day 5                 Masada and the Judean Desert

Short walk in Ein Gedi springs and national park
Float in the Dead Sea
Land of Genesis Camel Ride & Dinner at Abraham's Tent
O/N Jerusalem

The Jewish revolt in 73 CE may have ended at Masada but the Jewish spirit lived on to this day.  The
parched Judean Desert serves as an inspiration for all those who believe in making the desert bloom
while never forgetting those who fought for Jewish independence over the ages.

Day 6           Friday in Jerusalem –“From Destruction to Rebirth”  

Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial and Documentation Center
Mt. Herzl National and Military Cemetery
Free Time on Ben Yehuda Street
Welcome the Shabbat at the Western Wall
O/N Jerusalem

The Jewish People overcome anti-Semitism and rebuild the nation while never forgetting their roots in
the Land of Israel.

Day 7                 Shabbat in Jerusalem

Choice of Shabbat Services at Jerusalems's Multitude of Synagogues
Late Morning Walking Tour of Yemin Moshe and New City “across the walls”
Optional Walking Tour of Old City
Late afternoon and evening Free Time
Western Wall Tunnel Tour (After Shabbat)
O/N Jerusalem

Enjoy a Jerusalem Shabbat and optional walking tours both in and outside the Old City walls.

Day 8               A last salute to Israel

Ammunition Hill – Unification of Jerusalem 1967
Tree Planting w/JNF
Farewell Dinner at Neot Kdumim Biblical Nature Reserve & Study Center
Good-Bye Ceremony at Maccabean Tombs
Flight Home

Summing up and celebrating our visit by preparing for our next one
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