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Custom Designed Israel Programs:

Some of the Galilee Institute’s specialty Israel tourism programming includes:

"From Promise to Fulfillment:  The Redemption of the Jewish People"
Abraham and the Brit
The Exodus and The Return
The First, 2nd and 3rd Jewish Commonwealths - The History Jewish
Existence in the Land of Israel
Creation before our eyes
Battles of the Holy Land
Israel – The Land Bridge and Caravan Route
Israel's Wars - Experience Military Training
Israel Trek

Most of The Galilee Institute’s Israel tourism programming can qualify for
Academic Credit and Continuing Education Credit

The following itineraries are some of the many that the Galilee Institute can
create for your family, your school, your synagogue or your community. There
are many ways to visit Israel – for the first timer and the veteran traveler. Our
guide/scholar will gladly work with you to create the specific and appropriate
visit for your group.

Sample Itinerary #1 – First Timers
Sample Itinerary #2 – Veteran Travelers
Sample Itinerary #3 – The Christian Tourist
Sample Itinerary #4 – The Family or Community Bar/Bat Mitzvah Spectacular

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About Our Special Brand of Scholar
All Galilee Institute Senior Fellows have made Aliyah from a Western country, have lived in Israel l for
an extended period of time, have served in the Nation's military or other arms of her defense
establishment, have participated in the building of the Nation via settlement and agriculture, have
academic credentials as both students and educators and have practical experience in Land of
Israel Studies or Tourism.

This rare combination of personality affords our scholars the ability to reach, teach and invigorate
friends of all ages.
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