Eve Harow has a distinct style all her own – and it’s a style
that resonates with people all over the world.

Audiences are often swept away with her passion,
commitment to Judaism and expansive knowledge of the
Land of Israel, its people and its history. Eve has an
extraordinary ability to weave together ancient Jewish history
with the beauty, drama and realities of modern day Israel. Her
powerful lectures and seminars reflect her abundant love of
and pride in the Jewish people and their accomplishments,
while promoting their moral right to live anywhere in the Land
of Israel.

Eve’s extensive political activism on a wide range of issues
and her ten-year stint on the Efrat City Council provide her
audiences with a unique insight into Israeli political life.
Extensive training in psychology, including a Master’s Degree
from Pepperdine University, has helped her become a keen
observer of and an insightful commentator on Israeli society
and religious life. Raising seven children in an intense time
and place provides the personal perspective that adds so
much to any forum that she participates in.

Eve hosted her own Israeli radio show, Sunday Eve, and has
appeared in numerous media outlets around the world.
Based in Israel, Eve often meets with international groups
and missions from abroad, appears on educational panels,
teaches advocacy courses, and writes and speaks
extensively in the local and international press. She frequently
travels abroad to share her unique analysis and riveting
insights with those who live far from the eye of the storm.
Proud to be a part of the ‘Ingathering of the Exiles,’ Eve’s
highly informative presentations are thought-provoking,
inspirational and illuminating for Jews and non-Jews alike in
locations across the globe.
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