Galilee Institute Intro Tour 101C For Christian Pilgrims
Day 1                Revealing the Scriptures

Caesarea National Park and Archeological Dig
Megiddo (Armageddon) National Park and Archeological Dig
Mukhrakah on the Karmel – The Prophet Elijah faced down the Prophets of Ba’al
O/N Tiberias Region

Events & prophesies from the New Testament are brought to light where they took place in the Holy

Day 2                Jesus’ Galilean Mission

Nazareth (Church of the Annunciation)
Kfar Kana (Wedding Church)
Jesus Boat in Ginnosar
Tabha – Miracle of the Multiplication of Fish and Loaves
Primacy Church
Beautitudes – “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”
(Yardanit Baptismal Site possible on this day)
O/N Tiberias Region

Jesus began his mission in the Galilee where he spent three years teaching and healing.  This day is
dedicated to walking in his footsteps.

Day 3              Abraham & The Land's Northern Borders

Metulla Overview into Lebanon (Abrahamic Covenant With G-d)
Tel Dan Nature Reserve and Source of the Jordan River
Tel Faher (1967 Battle Site)
Bental Overlook into Syria (and 1973 Battlefield)
Katzrin Winery
Travel to Jerusalem
O/N Jerusalem

Modern Israel is the revelation and redemption of the Jewish People in the 20th century.  Unfortunately
Israel still suffers from hostile neighbors to its north and must remain prepared.  Visitors will have a first
hand view of security challenges and Hizbullah activity while seeing the sites Abraham saw when he
first arrived in The Land.

Day 4              Jerusalem Temples & Time Tunnel

Overview from Haas Promenade
The City of David – First Temple Period
The Jewish Quarter and Second Temple Period
Davidson Center and Ophel Archeological Garden
Western Wall
Western Wall Tunnel Tour
The Temple Institute (and Third Temple)
O/N Jerusalem

Modern archeology has provided us with a “time tunnel” taking us back to the First and Second
Temples, both of which were destroyed.  Discussion of the Third Temple (embodied in the modern State
of Israel) and plans for the Messianic End Time that are beginning to crystallize.

Day 5               In the Footsteps of Jesus

Bethlehem – Church of the Nativity (contingent upon security in the Palestinian
Mt. Zion – King David’s Tomb and the Room of the Last Supper
The Garden of Gethsemane (on Mt. of Olives)
Church of All Nations (Capture of Jesus)
Church of the Holy Sepulcher
OR the Garden Tomb
O/N Jerusalem

We will walk and understand the last 24 hours of Jesus earthly mission which ended in Jerusalem,
beginning with the Last Supper and culminating with the Crucifixion.

Day 6                From Destruction to Rebirth

Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial and Documentation Center
Mt. Herzl National and Military Cemetery
Free Time on Ben Yehuda St.
See The Jews of Modern Jerusalem Receiving the Sabbath at The Wall
O/N Jerusalem

Modern Israel, The Third Jewish Temple, arose from the ashes of persecution and the Holocaust.  Great
Zionist thinkers along with important religious and practical leaders have brought about the beginning
of the Third Jewish Commonwealth.

Day 7 - Saturday        The Judean Desert

Masada National Park and Archeological Dig
Walk in Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Float in the Dead Sea
Komeron – Site of Essene Settlement and Mission of John the Baptist
Land of Genesis - Abrahamic Dinner & Camel Ride
O/N Jerusalem

In the Judean Desert the last battle of Masada was fought against Rome close to 2000 years ago and
today the site is uncovered in all its meaning.  We will experience water in the desert and hear stories of
King David at Ein Gedi and then float in the Dead Sea.  It is here that John the Baptist began his
theological quest. We will end the day with a biblical dinner in Abraham's Tent.

Day 8                The Road to Jerusalem                

Ammunition Hill and Unification of Jerusalem
Latrun Armor Museum and Memorial
Jaffa – ancient port serving Jerusalem
Free Time
Depart for Airport

(This day can be replaced by one in the Lachish – Bet Govrin, HaEylah Valley, etc.) This a final salute to
Jerusalem and Israel’s youth who serve diligently to ensure the dream of the “ingathering of the exiles”
and their safety thereby realizing Biblical prophesy.
About Our Special Brand of
All Galilee Institute Senior
Fellows have made Aliyah
from a Western country, have
lived in Israel l for an
extended period of time,
have served in the Nation's
military or other arms of her
defense establishment, have
participated in the building of
the Nation via settlement and
agriculture, have academic
credentials as both students
and educators and have
practical experience in Land
of Israel Studies or Tourism.

This rare combination of
personality affords our
scholars the ability to reach,
teach and invigorate friends
of all ages.
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